Squad rules

We developed a brand-new loyalty reward scheme that gives customers and their friends free food.


Footfall, footfall, footfall. They were the top three priorities of the Subway business. Franchises wanted customers through their doors on a regular basis, which is why they launched a Subcard® loyalty scheme and app.

It worked. Members visited more and were more valuable. It also allowed the brand to identify and reward these customers to keep them coming back.


Subway was only getting a low percentage of these members’ weekly spend and needed to attract more members into stores more often.

They could have relied solely on points to drive more visits, but that would have been costly and unsustainable. We were tasked with finding another way to get more people through the door and going back in again sooner. It needed to be something that would result in Subway having a greater meaning in their lives; something that ran deeper than points alone.


There’s not much in life as important as your buddies… or food. So we mashed up the two.

In the data, we saw that many members visited stores together, but not all the time. So we created Subsquad® – an app-based function that connects members for a richer experience. It allows you to create a squad and tell your friends you’re in store (therefore encouraging them to join you there).

Because, if any of your squaddies visit any Subway within four hours, you both receive 50 bonus points, which you can use to get free food… and no food tastes better than free food!


45k squads

set up within 2 months of launch


annual incremental income (UK&NI)


members spend on average £21.47 more

than Subcard® members per annum

Visits increased by 78%

compared to average Subcard® holders

Subsquad® was a world first in loyalty

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